Monday, September 08, 2003

The Truth

How should Democrats respond to the $87 billion request for more money for the war in Iraq?

They should be careful not to fall into a simple "its to much" response because, despite the huge size of the price tag, the Bushies can (and will) respond that there can be no price tag on security and many will buy into that.

The Democrats need to make honesty the issue, not the costs.

This president is living in a dream world. He wants us to buy into his delusions. The costs of the operation are not the issue. The issue is honesty. This President has either lied to the people or lied to himself about what it will take to prosecute his war. Quite possibly both. We need a President who is willing to do what it takes to protect the security of the American people, but we also need a President who will not lie to us about what it will take to do just that.

It's time we had a President who trusts us with the truth.


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