Friday, September 05, 2003

Howard "The Oracle" Dean

At last Wednesday's meetup, during the period when people were streaming into the room, I ran some videos of news reports on Howard Dean as a kind of warmup act. One of these reports was an interview with Dean on CNBC on the day the statue fell in Bagdhad. If you get a chance I would urge you to watch this interview. During it Dean made some predictions about how things would go wrong if we didn't internationalize the post-war effort immediately. He said the perception of us among the Iraqi people would quickly turn from being liberators to occupiers. He said that we would begin to suffer casualities that would rival the deaths in Lebanon.

Nearly every one of the predictions he made has come true. The only one he missed on was his prediction that WMD would be found, but I think we can forgive him that one since pretty much everyone predicted the same thing (including myself).


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