Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Poor planning for WMD search

There has been much blog chatter about the "secret report" for the Pentagon that criticized the poor planning for the post-war phase of the Iraq operation. But Kevin Drum points out that the report also criticized poor planning for the search for WMD:

The lousy postwar planning seems like simple arrogance and incompetence to me — they figured they wouldn't need it, so they ignored it — but the lackadaisical nature of the WMD search is rather more puzzling. They surely took WMD seriously, so why the negligence? Was it that:

  • They were — again — incompetent?
  • They believed that WMD would be plentiful and easy to find, thus making extensive planning unnecessary?
  • They knew there was actually no WMD at all, so there was no reason to waste planning time on looking for it?

I genuinely don't know which of these is most likely. It's a real mystery.

Much about this administration is a mystery, including the fact that anyone takes them seriously on anything. But Kevin is right to ask about this. Why was the plan for searching for WMD so poorly thought out?

This administration will have a lot to answer for long into the future.


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