Monday, September 08, 2003

Let him have it

There has been some suggestion that the Democrats should agree to Bush's $87 billion request but only on the condition that he agree to rescind some of his tax cut (i.e., make it a revenue neutral operation).

While I can appreciate the sentiment behind this call, and I actually agree that we shouldn't be giving out huge tax cuts at the same time we are incurring such huge expenses in a war effort, I think it would be a political mistake to push for this. If the Democrats were to do this the Republicans could easily portray it as the Democrats holding the welfare of American soldiers hostage to their desire to raise taxes. It's bullshit of course, but it's an argument that would most likely work.

Thus it is an argument the Democrats must not get into!

Give Bush his $87 billion. Don't add any conditions. Let Bush's war be all about Bush.

As I said previously, the price tag is not the issue here. War is expensive. It always has been expensive and it always will be expensive.

What is the issue is Bush's fundamental failure to be honest with the American people about how much this war would cost. It is that which the Democrats must focus on. It is Bush's mendacity, not the size of the bill he presents, that must be the #1 issue going into this election.

So again, let Bush have his money. And let him choke on it!


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