Saturday, August 23, 2003

Kerry's Carrier Stunt

This has disaster written all over it. I've said before that I really want to like John Kerry but his campaign keeps making it hard to do so. I'm sorry but all they will accomplish by putting Kerry in front of an aircraft carrier is to send the media whores into a giggle fit. I speak from years of experience with seeing them react this way. It is crappy, but it is the reality we have to deal with if we are going to win. I think Kerry's campaign is still stuck in the mode of thinking that the substance of Kerry can out-weigh the image of Bush. Sorry guys, it doesn't work that way anymore (if it ever really did). Substance don't matter for shit until you can counter your opponent on image. Kerry's military service record should be an ideal weapon to use against Bush, but he is going about it all the wrong way. He needs to use it as a defense against the argument that Democrats are weak on national security, not as an offensive weapon to be pulled out at every single campaign stop. The constant repetition of this meme has turned it into a joke (there are drinking games out there now that have "Kerry mentions his military service record" as a cue to chug). This is truly sad because it is something that should make Kerry look better than Dubya. Substance can beat Dubya, but only if we first bring down his image. Kerry's people seem clueless on this point. What's more, I think many voters appreciate this detail more than Kerry's campaign does. We know that this is important, which is why so many of us are gravitating to Howard Dean. Get a clue John before it is to late, if it isn't already. Update: There's another reason to be pissed off about this. If this stunt falls flat (and I think it will) it could make Dubya's stunt look better by comparison. That is the last thing we want.


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