Friday, August 22, 2003

Only leftists care about how bad things are for the Iraqis

Jude Wanniski on Iraqi civilian deaths:
You probably did not notice, but I doubt you have ever read an estimate, formal or informal, of the number of Iraqi civilians who were killed in the recent Gulf War. Collateral damage in the USA’s liberation” of the Iraqi people. I’m not in any position to validate the report you will see here from Dr. Mohammed Al-Obaidi, the general coordinator of the Iraqi Freedom Party, but it does not seem unreasonable. I’ve run reports from the Freedom Party from time to time and its arguments on what is really happening on the ground have proven far more accurate than the rosy scenarios coming from the Pentagon. The report on civilian FATAL casualties in a nation of 23 million is staggering, the equivalent in percentage terms of 460,000 civilian deaths if such havoc were wrought in the US.
Mr. Wanniski, for those who don't know, was in many ways the father of Reaganomics. Here's a short biography on him. I post this only to demonstrate the broad nature of the group of people who increasingly think we have fucked up badly.


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