Friday, August 22, 2003

"Why I Hate George W. Bush"

I don't know if I would use the word "hate" to describe my feelings towards George W. Bush. Contempt most certainly. Anger. Disgust in spades. But hate is a feeling that warps the hater as much as the person hated so I prefer not to engage in it. But Geoff, a poster on Slate's Fray, feels fully entitled to engage in that emotion. Furthermore, he goes to great length to explain just why he "hates" George W. Bush in his post on that forum. His conclusion puts it all together for me:
But the final mark of disrespect… the gut-level intuition that leads me to label him an EVIL man, rather than a merely despicable one is his casual contempt for human life. There aren't words to describe the horror I feel when I see Bush look into the nation's television cameras with that sadistic little smirk and tell us euphemistically, as if half-choking on a stifled snort that our enemies… "let's put it this way: they are no longer a problem to the United States and our friends and allies." The barely-suppressed, no not really suppressed at all, look of GLEE at the thought of the death America has inflicted upon it's enemies. I recognize that it is necessary to kill human beings. I recognize that our security demands it. That every president must hold the lives and deaths of strangers in his hands. But the fact that we MUST kill NEVER excuses taking delight THAT we kill. You probably don't believe me. I don't know if you believe Tucker Carlson when he describes Bush's mockery of Karla Faye Tucker: "Please," Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, "don't kill me." Maybe some of you don't believe it. Worse, maybe some of you feel the same way, and consider Bush's response… virtuous? I don't know. I look at Bush, taunting the camera, daring America's enemies to "bring it on" and I see a sick and disgusting man – the worst face of America sneering in the spotlight. A man who doesn't bother to care about the enormity of his job, the enormity of its consequences, and the enormity of this glorious Republic we've brought forth. When I look at George W. Bush, I don't see a patriot. I see a lying, psychopathic narcissist. And it pains me, it grieves me, it WOUNDS me to realize that this puts me not only in the minority… but in the "whacko fringe."
I would encourage everyone to spread Geoff's message far and wide. If there is anyone on the fence about Bush who is honestly mystified at why so many people viscerally despise the man, maybe this message can help them to begin to understand.


Blogger PENDA said...

George W. Bush is an honorable man. We have been safe for almost 8 years.

Hatred corrupts one's soul, but I supposed if someone hates that deeply then the soul does not matter. My heart is saddened by the huge hatred of our President George W. Bush.


8:22 PM  
Blogger Kin-Char Bamin said...

I hate the SOB because he just came through Atlanta and SCREWED up all our traffic even more than it usually is. I don't know why they think the need to close the roads when he comes through. It's not like anyone cares to shoot his sorry ass now! He's on his way out!!
Thank God for that, no more BUSHY!

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:42 PM  
Blogger Buzz said...

George W. Bush..... On the day that he did not give Karla Faye Tucker( A confessed Pic Ax murderer) a stay of execution, he said that he understood that she had converted to Christianity. While he understood that she was now a christian, he stated that God would forgive her when she got to Heaven, but while on earth she is subject to the laws of this country. He would not give her a stay...and she was executed.

Personally, that was the day I knew he would be a GREAT LEADER! Just the opposite of this other gentleman that hates him. He is and always will be, My Governor, My President, and if I could meet him friend.


We still LOVE ya in TEXAS....


3:28 PM  

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