Saturday, August 23, 2003

The Dean of foreign policy

Howard starts off his tour with a statement on foreign policy that, I think, puts the problem of Bush's approach to foreign policy in sharp relief:
"North Korea is about to become a nuclear power because he won't sit down and talk to somebody he doesn't like," Dean said. "If you want to be tough on defense, you have to do better than a foreign policy based on petulance."
What has amazed me for so long is that this is such an obvious point of attack on Dubya yet so few have used it. I guess as long as Bush's petulant policy seemed to be working he could get away with it. But it was obvious to anyone with a brain that it would inevitably fail. All it took was someone with cojones to point it out at the height of Bush's popularity. A politician who is willing to do that is someone I want in charge of foreign policy.


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