Friday, May 16, 2003

Why I like Dean

Maybe it's about time I explain this. The Democrats for the last decade (even longer) have had more than enough reason to be angry at their treatment by the Republicans. They have been abused, harassed, called traitors to their country, hounded by inquisitors, dragged through the courts, IMPEACHED, smeared endlessly in the press, had the deepest elements of their character slandered, been disenfranchised and just generally laughed at to their face. And in response the Democratic leadership has just sat back and taken it. Except for a few rare, very rare, exceptions they have never demonstrated the least bit of anger at this abuse. We, the masses, the "activist elite", are angry that our political system has been hijacked by screaming harpies and bellowing blowhards. We are angry that the Democratic leadership acts like wilting pansies against the onslaught. We are angry that they are dominated by appeasers who keep preaching that if we just play nice then the GOP and the media will eventually play nice with us. Bullshit! We've tried that route. It hasn't worked. If the leadership won't stand up and say, "Enough!" then we will just have to go out and find new leadership. Such is Howard Dean, a man who demonstrates on the stump the same level of anger that the rest of us are feeling. To the leadership I say get on board, get angry, or get out of the way. Rolling over is no longer an option. We didn't start this war but by god we are going to finish it.


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