Thursday, May 15, 2003

Dean has limited appeal?

My favorite comment so far over on the unofficial Dean blog regarding this whole DLC mess comes from Elliot: I'm an elitist activist! I'm a peace-marchin', colleg graduatin', Chomsky readin', anarcho-syndicalist, post-modern super-genius. I have a condescending tone and arrogant intellectual demeanor! I voted for NADER! As such, I think I speak for all my utopian-ist friends when I say that Howard Freakin' Dean is NOT an elititst. He is definitely not super liberal. This cat is as straight down the middle (as long as the middle's still the middle. These people keep pushing the middle so far to the right and the ACTUAL mainstream says screw it.) as you can get. I want to see an end to the drug war, end to corporate personhood, %100 estate tax, single-payer healthcare, free housing and higher education. I want No More Prisons and an end to the death penalty and reparations for slavery. Is Dean going to give me that? NO! Do I still support him? HELL YEAH! Why? Because he can take Bush out. Pure and simple. I've got anarchist buddies who will actually take Bush out if Dean doesn't, but for now, he's got my support and the support of a lot of people who are much much normaler than me. Dean's the Bushwacker of the bunch. If the DLC wants to run that Lieberman dog again, why don't they just give up and join the Republicans. Their the winning team anyway... If Dean can appeal to someone like Elliot as well as conservative Republicans who are scared to death of four more years of Bush (I've met more than a few of them at the meetups) then we may be witnessing the beginning of a real political phenomena. Update: Just wanted to make one thing clear to anyone reading: by posting Eliot's comment I am NOT endorsing his statement that he has friends who want to "take out Bush" if Dean should fail to do so. My purpose in posting this was to demonstrate that even some anarchists have found something to like in Howard Dean. My point in posting it was to refute the contention that Dean has limited appeal. Perhaps this point would have been better presented if I also had quoted a conservative Republican in support of Dean. I know they are out there because I have talked to several of them.


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