Wednesday, May 14, 2003


FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: STEPHEN CHAREST, (402) 477-7357 EMAIL: -- WEBLOG EDITORS ORGANIZE VIRTUAL MARCH TO SUPPORT THE TROOPS Lincoln, Nebraska -- May 13, 2003 -- Webloggers of the left, accused of not supporting the troops for questioning or opposing the war in Iraq, are responding by organizing a "Virtual March on Washington" on May 22 asking Congress to restore cuts in Veterans' benefits, to show that they do support the troops. The budget proposed by President Bush as augmented by the Senate proposes:
"to cut VA spending by $15 billion over 10 years, starting with $463 million slashed from next year's budget. Legislators claim they're cutting fraud, waste, and abuse. But Joe Fox Sr., head of Paralyzed Veterans of America, who calls the cuts "an in-your-face insult to the veterans of this country," says the reduction will slam the poorest disabled veterans and cut GI Bill benefits for soldiers who are currently serving in Iraq. The plan could also mean the loss of 9,000 VA physicians in a shorthanded VA system, he says. . . . [Bush's budget] includes a $150 million aid cut to schools attended by military dependents and support for billions in VA reductions." (Seattle Weekly, April 9-15, 2003)
An unofficial, loosely knit coalition of weblog editors is encouraging a "Virtual March to Support the Troops" on May 22. May 22 is one of the last business days for Congress before the Memorial Day weekend. On that day the webloggers are asking their readers to call, write, or email their representatives in Congress to restore funding for the VA and for schools for military dependants. The webloggers are also asking their readers to contact local organizations of all political stripes and ask for their help to make the welfare of our soldiers and veterans a top legislative priority. Example weblog postings: "Support the Troops" at "VIRTUAL MARCH TO SUPPORT THE TROOPS" at


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