Thursday, May 08, 2003

Over in the comments section on the DailyKOS one poster, DrFrankLives, had a suggestion for an advertisement the Democrats could use against Bush. It was too good not to pass along. In March 2001, George W. Bush told the Boys & Girls Clubs that he supported them. The NEXT DAY, he slashed their budget. In September 2001, George W. Bush told NY Firefighting heroes that he would make sure to pay them back for their sacrifice. By December, he had cut funding to New York's firefighters and policemen. In May 2003, George W. Bush stopped an aircraft carrier to use the sailors in a photo op. He didn't tell them he had slashed veterans benefits and cut funding to their kids schools while they were away. Now, George W. Bush is telling you he wants you to elect him President. Watch your wallet. Vote Democrat in 2004. Bravo!


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