Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Luck is where you find it

Here is an interesting thought to consider regarding the DLC dustup. The Dean camp has to consider themselves pretty lucky to have Bill Clinton placing the title of "New Democrat" on Howard Dean not more then a few hours before the Washington Post printed its story about the DLC proclaiming that Dean is anything but a "New Democrat". In fact, I have to wonder if luck had anything to do with it. Bill Clinton has a lot of inside knowledge about what is going on in the DLC. He is their greatest success story. As such, he had to know well in advance that From and the others were going to issue a statement that was harshly critical of Howard Dean. Yet only a few hours before they do so he manages, in a few short words, to completely short-circuit the main thesis of the DLC statement. Coincidence? I think not. I think Clinton did it on purpose. Not necessarily because he is endorsing Howard Dean (I'm sure he's not ready to go that far yet) but because he understands better then the rest of the idiots at the DLC that what they are saying is total bunkum. He probably tried to stop them from saying it and lost the battle. This was his way of hitting them back. A fallout between the DLC and Bill Clinton? Now that would be a big news story!


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