Thursday, May 22, 2003

The Democratic Truth Squad

I highly recommend this Steve Soto post over on the Left Coaster. It is a proposal for the Democratic Party to put together a "Truth Squad" to follow Dubya around to ALL of his public appearances and give shadow press conferences in which the truth behind Bush's obfuscations will be revealed. The best thing that Terry McAuliffe can do at the DNC besides raising money right now is to create a “Truth Squad”. Such a concept would be comprised of a cadre of tech-savvy volunteers or pre-law grad students who would be a part of a team that follows Bush to all of his appearances, along with the Party’s designated mouthpiece on that subject on that day. Since all of Bush’s appearances and most of his remarks are announced by the press office in advance, it would not be too difficult for the DNC to plan these rebuttal press conferences with facts and figures ready to go in rebuttal to what Bush just said. The national media would already be in town for Bush’s event, and more importantly so would the local media, so the DNC would have a built-in audience for their “shadow” press conferences. At these press conferences, the DNC would trot out the mouthpiece(s), who would need to be articulate “up and comers” in the party who could appeal to a broad range of folks. The mouthpiece would provide a point-by-point challenge to what Bush said based on his actual record and the up-to-the-minute research that the tech geeks had just pulled off of their laptops. The mouthpiece would make the point that Bush was lying about his tax cut, lying about AIDS funding, lying about whatever issue Bush was talking about. And they would be doing it based not on partisan rhetoric, but the actual Bush record from material already in the media. This is a really great idea. I think the Democrats have to, as a group, commit themselves to run a non-stop campaign against Bush from now until election day. They can't attack him in half-hearted potshots from the crowd. They have to go after him every single day in every way that presents itself as an opportunity. And they must NOT listen to the media who will squawk about how whiny they are being or that they are being shrill or any of those other pejoratives that they have used for years to beat down any attempt by the Democrats to fight back. The Democrats must be on the offensive every single day of this campaign. By the time next November rolls around Bush should look like he has aged 20 years and Rove should be afraid of his own shadow. It can be done folks. It just takes the will to do it.


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