Tuesday, April 29, 2003

So it begins?

I previously posted on the far-out idea that there may come a day, if we continue to follow the path Bush has laid out for us, when Europe and America will be at war with each other. Think on that and then read the following article: 'Anti-war' four boost euro-role Four European Union countries which opposed the war in Iraq have ended a mini-summit in Brussels by announcing closer defence ties. The leaders of France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg say their plans include creating a joint military planning system by next year and a multinational headquarters for European military operations where Nato is not involved. They also intend to set up their own rapid reaction force. They want to launch a European Security and Defence Union, which others would be encouraged to join. The BBC's Chris Morris in Brussels says Europe's anti-war coalition has put down its marker for the future - it wants the EU to have a stronger, more effective defence capability, and the four are prepared to go it alone to begin with if they have to. This is the lesson George Bush has taught the world: be afraid of America. And what is the best response to that fear? Form military alliances to oppose American belligerence. Who could have imagined that we would ever reach a day like this?


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