Monday, April 28, 2003

Thoughts on the media campaign for 2004

There are two types of stories the American media loves. The first is the underdog story. The story of the guy who, against all odds, actually looks like they may pull off a surprise victory. Every election cycle they always pick out one of the "also rans" and anoint him as the favored underdog (and, as a consequence, they give that candidate a lot of free publicity). In 2004 it was Bradley and McCain. In 2004 I think it will be Dean. He has all the necessary earmarks. He's a bit of a "maverick". He criticize those in his own party as well as the President. He has a large devoted following. He gets people hot where most of the rest of the candidates put the people, including reporters, to sleep. This will be good for Dean in the short run. But it to being good in the long run will depend on the development of the second type of story the media loves: the downfall of the mighty. If Dubya looks like he could fall in 2004 the media will turn on him quickly because they would love to be able to report the story of a Goliath being brought down to earth by a lowly :-) The media are likes sharks. They go into a frenzy when they smell blood and Dubya's blood would be especially sweet for them. I happen to hate the fact that the media is more into telling stories than they are into reporting facts. But this is the reality we live in and Dean should try and take advantage of it.


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