Friday, April 25, 2003

Can we kick these people out now?

The new spin: "Yeah, we lied about the WMD ( wasn't a lie, just a "matter of emphasis"). But we had to in order to get people to do what we wanted and its turned out okay so the lie was okay. You got a problem with that?" The DailyKOS has much more on this. I'm beyond being angry at this point. The only thing that makes this story news is that they are admitting it. They aren't saying that most of us didn't alreay know. We've talked about just this for months. If the pundits start acting surprised at this revelation I say they should be taken out and shot. Update: I can't leave this alone. What George W. Bush and his buddies have done is completely trash the good word of the United States. By admitting that they lied ( wasn't a lie, just a "matter of emphasis") the message they have sent to the world is: do not trust the United States. They will lie without compunction and, when caught in the lie, will brag about its effectiveness. These people MUST be removed from office as soon as possible.


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