Thursday, April 24, 2003

It's time to shame the Republicans

BTW, while reading the comment's section to that DailyKOS post that I talked about below I noticed a comment from someone that said that, if the Democrats played it right, by the time of the Republican convention, Americans should think the GOP will be holding their convention in a tent on ground zero on Sept. 11th. The details aren't exactly correct, but the sentiment is the same: the Democrats NEED to hammer the Republicans for using the death of 3000 Americans for political advantage. They need to embarrass Bush to within an inch of his life on this matter (yes, I know, easier said than done considering Bush's apparent invulnerability to embarrassment). Once again I think it would behoove the candidates for the Democratic nomination to issue a joint statement decrying this desecration (yes, they should use that word). It's time to make the Republicans squirm. Make them squirm so much that they leave a slime trail all the way to next November.


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