Wednesday, April 23, 2003

No one picks on a strong man

Dave responded to my post about a possible future war between America and Europe: Everyone is in a strugle to put a name on what we just did, and are doing now, in Iraq. It doesn't matter to me what you call it, or how many reasons you come up with for why we did it. I think Joe Weider said "Nobody picks on a strong man". Devisiveness makes us weak, unity makes us strong, as a nation, as a world. Too many people get their delight from fighting and arguing. I'm not sure you aren't one of them. Look at your post above this one about the election. Great, you hate Bush, so who is your candidate and what is so great about him. I'd give him a serious look. Or are you just an "anybody but Bush, anybody but a Republican" kind of guy? My response: No one picks on a strong man? That's a laugh. There is no security at the top. When you are the biggest kid on the block and are more then willing to use your strength to intimidate your neighbors into doing what you want, that just encourages your neighbors to join forces to bring you down. Whatever happened to the "humble foreign policy" that Bush promised us? You can be strong and secure without being arrogant. But Bush is all about arrogance. That and fear are the only commodity he has to offer. In regard to your last question: I long for a return to a world in which Republican's could be considered serious candidates for political office. Our country needs TWO strong political parties because it is only in the competition between them (remember competition? Remember that capitalistic idea?) that the best world can be produced for all of us. You are right that divisiveness makes us weak. But it is the Republican program of "unite with us or we will destroy you" that is the most divisive force in the world today. Unity does not mean that everyone has to agree. There is strength in the ability to disagree and still work together. That is what was great about America. But, as it stands now, the GOP, as epitomized by Bush, stands for the destruction of that good. And for that reason alone they cannot be allowed anywhere near the reigns of power. (Unfortunately, but for a few rare exceptions (Howard Dean, my current candidate, being the most prominent), the Democrats are letting them get away with destroying this country.)


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