Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Getting the Republicans to eat their own

Steve Soto has some interesting suggestions on how Democrats might exploit the recent broadside from Gingrich against Colin Powell: Ladies and Gentlemen, this president cannot control his own foreign policy apparatus, for in truth we have not one, but two foreign policy teams in this administration. We have the formal one run through the Secretary of State, and another one run by a small cabal of aggressive and in some cases shadow policy makers inside and outside the government, aimed at undermining the Secretary of State and even the president while creating business opportunities for themselves and their friends. This cabal aims for more wars, putting our sons and daughters in harms way numerous times. Why? For more conquests of oil and contracts for GOP campaign contributors under the guise of preventing terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, while keeping us in a constant state of fear. Yet this president is apparently unwilling or unable to control this cabal and be accountable for a single foreign policy and vision for our citizens and allies to see. A very good start Steve. I would also throw something in there about the unofficial foreign policy team being driven by "ivory tower intellectuals" since that seems to be a good hot-button phrase.


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