Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Being a friend of Bush

The never-ending soap-opera that is Washington DC continues: Under Fire, Powell Receives Support From White House By STEVEN R. WEISMAN WASHINGTON, April 23 — Since the end of the war in Iraq, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell has come under intense fire from conservatives within the administration, in Congress and at policy institutes long favoring less diplomacy and more muscle in the American approach to the world. On issues from the Middle East to North Korea to the makeup of a postwar government in Iraq, Mr. Powell and the State Department have been battling hard-liners at the Pentagon and in Vice President Dick Cheney's office, administration officials say. In the face of conservative criticism, Mr. Powell has won approval from President Bush for negotiating with Syria on its support of terrorism, negotiating with North Korea on its nuclear weapons program, and promoting talks between Israel and a newly emerging Palestinian leadership to create a Palestinian state. Some may be confused at this since it is hard to believe that Newt went into meltdown mode entirely without foreknowledge of the Bushies. But really, this problem is easy to explain. You see, the Bushies like to hurt their friends as much as their enemies. They like to get them to attack each other, see who comes out on top, and then go with them. It also keeps them from getting strong enough to threaten their superior position. There's always time to screw them over later on down the road. Remember, the only thing worse then being an enemy of Bush is to be a friend of Bush.


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