Thursday, April 24, 2003

Driving the story

From the NY Times report on Bush's trip to Ohio to put the muscle on Voinovich: Capitol Hill Democrats sought to counter the president's tax-cutting message in advance, issuing a report that they said showed how little Mr. Bush's package would help Ohio residents — and how little his policies had helped the Buckeye State since he came into office. "Ohio has lost 167,800 jobs, or more than 3 percent of its total work force, since Bush was sworn in," Democrats on the House Government Reform Committee said in a statement. "More specifically, the Canton metropolitan area has lost 6,300 jobs (3.43 percent of its work force) and the Lima area has lost 2,500 jobs (3.18 percent of its workforce) since Bush took office." You know, the Democrats may be on to an interesting campaign tactic here. They should have a team of researchers who do nothing but put together talking points on the impact Bush has had on the economy of whatever region he happens to be visiting. They then issue this press release a few hours before he gets there. It's called driving the story and the Democrats need to learn how to do it or they are toast. This story suggests that they just might be getting the idea.


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