Saturday, April 26, 2003

The glass jaw of leadership

And Matthew Yglesias gets into an interesting discussion of Bush's alleged leadership qualities here. I think the only way to beat Bush in 2004 is to take the battle right to him and not hesitate to attack him on the grounds that Common Wisdom say are his strong points: leadership and foreign policy. He obviously is VERY weak on economic issues. But, for a lot of people, especially in the media, the idea that he is a strong leader and has a good foreign policy have become givens. Many who cover him allow the assumption that these characteristics are true to permeate their stories on the guy. What needs to be done is to spend the next two years hammering the guy constantly on every aspect of his alleged superiority on these matters. This is an attack that cannot come in piecemeal bits every now and then. It must be uncompromising in its ferocity every single day from now until election day. Every time the assumption is raised that Bush IS good at being a leader or IS good at foreign policy that assumption must be questioned vigorously and repeatedly. We must not give ground on this matter. I fully believe that George W. Bush has one of the biggest political glass jaws that this world has ever seen. All that is needed is for people to be brave enough to take a swing at it.


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