Friday, February 07, 2003

O'Reilly at his worse

It is, of course, a given that Bill O'Reilly is a waste of airwaves. But even I didn't think he was as capable of the kind of low behavior he exhibited while interviewing Jeremy Glick, a man whose father died in the 9/11 attacks and has signed on to the Not In Our Name campaign. The following excerpt from the interview hilights O'Reilly's despicable behavior:
O'REILLY: You are mouthing a far left position that is a marginal position in this society, which you're entitled to. GLICK: It's marginal -- right. O'REILLY: You're entitled to it, all right, but you're -- you see, even --I'm sure your beliefs are sincere, but what upsets me is I don't think your father would be approving of this. GLICK: Well, actually, my father thought that Bush's presidency was illegitimate.
By what right does Bill O'Reilly claim to speak for Mr. Glick's father? If I were the victim of a terrible tragedy like Mr. Glick suffered and was sitting across from someone who made a statement like that I would demand that they apologize immediately. That, or punch them in the face. O'Reilly knows nothing about what Mr. Glick's father would or would not say about his son's actions. Yet he pretends to have special knowledge of Glick's father's opinion as if he had some direct line to heaven. Would Mr. O'Reilly like it if someone started speaking for his dead relatives in a similar manner? Of course he wouldn't. He'd go into one of his typical rants about it. Only this time it would be a justified rant. That Mr. Glick didn't haul O'Reilly off and feed him a knuckle sandwich is to his credit.


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