Thursday, February 06, 2003

Does Tom Brokaw hate America?

A reader over on bartcopnation (blackcat77) reports:
"Holy cow! Brokaw invokes New Year's 2000" At the close of his broadcast tonight, Tom Brokaw reminded us that on New Year's Eve, 1999 we had peace, prosperity and security. Now we have depression, imminant war with Iraq, a threat from N Korea and terrorism everywhere. Refering to the hopes of that day, Brokaw said, "Maybe we should sue for breach of promise." I was left with my jaw hanging open after hearing that. The whole news had been one scary story after another. He left it unspoken who was running the country then and who is now, but the implication was there, for me at least. If your network news is delayed, try to catch the last two minutes of the broadcast -- it's well worth the look just for the fact that somebody actually had the nerve to point out how far we've fallen in so short a time.


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