Thursday, February 06, 2003

A right-wing dream soon to be fulfilled?

For as long as it has existed the right-wing in this country has hated the UN. It is the central focus of a lot of paranoid nightmares about one world government and the loss of precious American individuality. Well, it looks like there is finally an administration in power that might fulfill the dreams of some that this institution be tossed in the dustbin. Glenn Reynolds links approvingly to this Mark Steyn post that gloats about the impending demise of the UN. It makes me wonder if the whole point of the Bushies going to the UN with a case that would be increasingly harder and harder for it to swallow was specifically to destroy the institution and lay the groundwork for the eventual departure of the U.S. from the body. It's similar to what they did to the Independent Counsel law via Ken Starr: push the limits of the institution to the breaking point and then gloat over its downfall.


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