Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Joan Vennochi response to criticism of her Kerry column

Joan Vennochi wrote a column on John Kerry that is a typical example of the "get-inside-the-candidate's-head-but-don't-actually-say-anything-of-substance" style of journalism that has dominated political reporting in this country (making him the front runner for the Gore treatment in 2004). Joe Conason raked her over the coals for it yesterday. Dan Kennedy followed up on Joe's comments here. Well. Vennochi has responded to Kennedy in what can only be described as your typical "defensive-letter-responding-to-an-accusation-that-may-be-closer-to-the-truth-than-I'd-like-to-admit" letter. I especially love how Joan accuses Dan of hiding behind Joe AND of being, in essence, a shill for the Kerry campaign. She also describes the "effort" against her column as "vehement". She seems to see that vehemence as a sign that she is actually on to something, otherwise why would people be complaining? Well, Joan, maybe they are complaining because they are tired of the kind of lightweight political journalism your column represents? Nah!


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