Friday, January 17, 2003

The History Channel last night rebroadcast a David Frost program called Lessons from the Gulf War Leaders. In it, Mr. Frost interviewed various leaders in that conflict during and soon after the war. One of the people he interviewed was George HW Bush. I only caught a few minutes of the broadcast, but it was an interesting few minutes because it dealt with the question of why we didn't go into Baghdad and remove Sadaam. Poppy made many of the same arguments we have heard in recent months about how difficult it would be to do this. How it would involve a lot of dirty, house-to-house, street fighting. How it would likely result in the use of chemical weapons against our troops. etc. etc. etc. Bush went on to say that not going in was a difficult decision to make but that he felt confident that history would prove it to have been the right one. I wonder if he would still say that now?


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