Wednesday, January 15, 2003

A telling piece of information from the Jan. 3-6 Knight-Ridder poll (courtesy
"As far as you know, how many of the September 11th terrorist hijackers were Iraqi citizens: most of them, some of them, just one, or none?"
Most of them 21% Some of them 23% Just one 6 % None 17% Don't know 33%
From this we can see why there is any kind of popular support for attacking Iraq and why Karl Rove earns the kind of money he makes. Face it: if I believed that Iraq was in anyway behind the 9/11 attacks then I would probably support the effort to attack them. It's just that the trivial fact that no evidence of any connection has ever been established keeps me from making that kind of comittment. But I pay attention to these things. A lot of people don't. And thus they are persuaded by the simple say-so of the Bushies that he did have something to do with them.


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