Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Howie skips a step.
Let's face it: Running for president is like submitting to an endless psychotherapy session.
Everyone and his brother-in-law gets to put you on the couch and blather on about what makes you tick.
Every embarrassing thing you ever did comes trickling out into the press.
Bill Clinton's Gennifer Flowers period and non-inhaling of marijuana. George Bush's DWI arrest and unexplained break from National Guard service. Al Gore's alpha-male ambitions and earth-tones wardrobe makeover. Gary Hart's spooky changing of his name and age. Thomas Jefferson and that Sally Hemmings thing.
Why, you wonder, do people put themselves through this sort of hazing, other than, say, an insatiable lust for power? ...
Umm... Did I miss something? When was there ever any national media attention focused on Bush's AWOL status? Kurtz talks about this incident from the 2000 race as if it were a big to-do that has now passed on into the history books.


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