Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Remember when Drudge and friends made such a big deal about a few scattered boos that Hillary received?
Boos for Bush silenced at AMA?
Jan. 15 — Did ABC censor a crowd’s disapproval of George H. Bush? The former president — and father of the current president — delivered a taped message at the American Music Awards on Monday night, and sources who were there tell The Scoop that the crowd booed him.
When the band Alabama received the Award of Merit, the elder Bush’s face appeared on screen. “I’m very proud to be part of tonight’s tribute honoring one of the most highly successful bands country music has ever known,” said the former president, but his image was met with a loud chorus of boos.
One source says Randy Owen, the lead singer for the band, was “pretty shaken” by the crowd’s reaction.
The boos from the crowd, however, were not audible in the broadcast, leading some to believe that they were deleted by censors.
“To be honest, I can’t tell you,” a spokesman for ABC told The Scoop, who referred the question to a spokesman for the production company.
“I don’t know and I can’t tell you,” said a spokesman for the production company, who referred questions back to ABC.
Actually, I wouldn't necessarily read a conspiracy into the lack of boos on the broadcast. I believe it is common practice to cut out the audio feed from the auditorium when TV broadcasts cut to a message being delivered from somewhere else (either live or via tape). I think the MTV award shows are some of the few who don't do this. What is more interesting though is the fact that there were boos to begin with and that they weren't the scattered boos that we heard about for Hillary but were, instead, "a loud chorus of boos". I wonder if Drudge will report on this. (Thanks to Testify! for this item)


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