Saturday, January 25, 2003

Denis of CNNLies has made an interesting discovery. The judge who put the seal on Scott Ritter's arrest record was Thomas J. Spargo. This Thomas J. Spargo?
Justice Spargo Faces Inquiry By John Caher New York Law Journal When election law expert and longtime Republican activist Thomas J. Spargo was caught on film participating in a noisy political demonstration, nobody close to politics was particularly surprised. Spargo is a seasoned regular in the political game, and that he would show up in Florida at the Miami-Dade County Board of Elections during the Bush-Gore electoral debacle of November 2000 was almost predictable. But there was one thing troubling about that image. At the same time he was stumping for George W. Bush and chanting with other Republican supporters at what amounted to a boisterous sit-in, Spargo was serving as a part-time judge in the rural Albany County town of Berne. Judges are not supposed to get involved in politics.


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