Friday, January 24, 2003

There's more then one factor that will influence the decision for when the attack will begin. The weather will, of course, be a factor. But there is also the matter of simple fatigue. The U.S. is currently standing in the waters of the Gulf with a gun to Sadaam's head and our finger on the trigger. Our fingers are tensed, waiting for the word to fire. If the word takes to long to come, those fingers will start to cramp. The soldiers who have been shipped out already can't be expected to just sit around for months on end. They must either be unleashed or withdrawn, either within a fairly short period of time. Otherwise, they will go stir-crazy and start to fall apart. The hardliners understand this as well as the military types. That is why they have pushed to move the troops out while continually insisting that no decision has been made to attack. They're hope is that the unflinching force of time will make no other choice possible but to attack. They understand that Bush is not the type to back down. He has to much pride in the size of his equipment. He will have to order the attack sooner rather then later, or he will have to face the laughter of those who see him pulling back after so much bluster. This is the world we live in.


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