Friday, January 24, 2003

Dan Kennedy weighs in on the Scott Ritter situation:
There has still barely been a word about this in the national media. But the fact remains that someone leaked sealed court documents about a leading (if misleading) critic of the White House's Iraq policy on the eve of a likely military invasion. Is anyone in the media going to get to the bottom of this?
Regardless of what one may think personally about Mr. Ritter's behavior, the fact of the matter is that someone broke the law by releasing sealed court records and they did it at a time that was most likely to silence one of the leading critics of the Bush administration's policy on Iraq. Now, maybe this was just the act of some enterprising individual in the DA's office who didn't like what Ritter was doing and decided to do something on his own initiative. But what if there were other forces at work in releasing these records? Remember that the Watergate investigation revealed that Nixon operatives broke into the office of Daniel Ellsberg's psychologist in order to get damaging information on the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers. When will journalists start acting like journalists?


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