Saturday, January 25, 2003

I wonder if this is where the whole confederate memorial wreath controversy got started? The following is a short item posted on the web site of the Confederate Memorial Association so be warned that the content on this site might be offensive to some.
BUSH SENT TRIBUTE TO CONFEDERACY; WHITE HOUSE SAYS IT IS A TRADITION THAT CLINTON OBSERVED WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec. 26 — Responding to press inquiries concerning a presidential wreath that President George Bush sent to the Confederate Monument in Arlington National Cemetery, the White House said that the practice is a tradition that former President Bill Clinton observed when he was in the White House. Various reports had indicated that the presidential wreath was sent by President Bush on the last two Memorial Days. However, every Confederate heritage group that has dealt with the Arlington National Cemetery monument has contradicted this statement. John Edward Hurley, president of the Washington-based Confederate Memorial Association, says that the practice was stopped by Bush's father in the early 90s because of ongoing litigation surrounding the practice that included charges of racism. "The White House should be forced to produce documentation that former President Clinton sent such a wreath, especially in light of the fact that Clinton has roundly criticized the Republican Party for Confederate connections," Hurley said.
Thanks to jjames over on Table Talk for digging up an earlier story about this on this web site


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