Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thought #2

How does an omniscient god experience the sensation of ignorance?

If a part of such a god could experience ignorance, how would it experience it? Would it have a separate experience of it's own existence? Would it be aware of it's own ignorance? Would it experience that ignorance as an unnecessary cruelty imposed on it by an uncaring creator?

Would there be more than one such entity? Would it be aware of other entities of ignorance? How would it deal with those other entities? Would it see them as allies in the struggle to understand it's existence, or would it see them as rivals for the creators attention? Would it be jealous of the unique perspective the others have of the experience of ignorance? Would it be envious of the special knowledge that separate experience may give them?

Could this be the source of misery? The illusion of separate existence leading both to a sense of isolation from each other and from god, combined with a frustrating sense that there is more available to them outside their limited reach that others may have access to but are keeping possessively to themselves?


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