Friday, December 19, 2008

My outrage meter is broken

I'm frankly tired of the contingent on the left who feel their life has meaning only if they feel betrayed. So they go looking for betrayal and embrace it with a hardy gusto.

I expect to be pissed off at Obama. I already have been at least once (FISA). But I still don't see this as a personal betrayal and thus see no need to express outrage.

We make jokes about how ineffective are the "sternly worded letters" that come from the Democratic congress whenever Bush does something bad. But how much more laughable is the "screams of outrage from the left" that we see in the netroots?

You upset? Good! Then do something about it! But don't expect me or any representative in congress or a member of Obama's staff to be impressed by your ability to wield exclamation points.

Anyone can make an argument. But few can make an EFFECTIVE argument.


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