Thursday, November 06, 2008

War Analysis

A better explanation of why FOX is trying to destroy Palin now.

Short version: The rich need shock troops to help them get into positions of power, but they don't want any of those troops to actually be in positions of power. Palin is to much of a loose canon for them to trust (as is Huckabee), so she must be destroyed now before she can cause irreparable harm.

The problem the GOP has is that they don't really have anyone, at least not yet, who can both carry out the real agenda of the rich while successfully stringing along the troops (as Nixon and Reagan and Bush did).

Mitt Romney? The troops will never go for a Mormon. It's that simple. His only chance to get the nomination is through a process of attrition (kind of like how McCain got it).

I don't know the backbench of the GOP well enough to know if there is an up-n-comer who could fulfill that role. I've heard whispers about Jindal down in Louisiana, but nothing else.

Interesting Times.


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