Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Campaign Post Mortems

Now come the inevitable stories about "what was really going on" during the campaign. These are the stories that journalists have known about for months but didn't report for various reasons (promises to the campaign in exchange for access, security reasons, etc.). Newsweek is one of the first with a whole slew of fascinating revelations:

1. Both the Obama and McCain campaigns were seriously hacked in August, most likely by foreign agents trying to discover policy plans of the future administration.

2. Palin's shopping sprees were even bigger than previously reported and, despite her pleas of innocence, were entirely instigated by her and her family.

3. The Secret Service reported a sharp increase in threats to Obama as the campaign swung into October.

4. McCain's advisers believed they had already lost the race even before the last debate but decided not to tell McCain.

5. Palin launched the Ayers attack before the McCain campaign had actually made the decision to go with it.

Expect more in the coming days.


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