Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Quest for the Democratic "Macaca"

Why are the wingnuts so obsessed with "secret" tapes that will they pray will bring down Obama? Maybe it's a case of YouTube envy.

YouTube has been the enemy of Republicans in these last two election cycles as it has allowed the average citizen to see just what it is they are saying when they think they are among friends. The most famous example, of course, is the Sen. George Allen "Macaca" incident. That bit of tape helped bring down Allen (with an able assist from Jim Webb of course) and destroyed what was, up till then, the GOP's leading prospect for the 2008 Republican nomination. Just imagine where we would be today if S.R. Sidarth had not been there with his video camera.

The Republicans would love to have a Democratic version of "Macaca". It will probably happen someday (Democrats have their share of idiots), but not today.

Aside: What the Republicans fail to appreciate is that "Macaca" was not the single bullet that brought down Allen. He was brought down by a narrative that was given weight by "Macaca" (that Allen was a closet racist) and by a strong opposition candidate (Jim Webb). So all of these hoped for "Macaca" moments for Obama won't work if they don't fit into a believable narrative and Obama doesn't have a strong opponent.


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