Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just to be clear on something

My previous comments should in no way be taken as excusing the failure of the Democratic leadership. They have made the decision that it is okay to be seen as cowards for bowing before the mighty Joe Lieberman. That is their prerogative. And it is our prerogative to rake them over the coals for it.

But my habit after losing a fight is to always ask, "What did I do wrong?" Because there is always something I could have done better to improve the chances of success.

In this case, the thing I see clearly as a mistake was to let the desire to make Lieberman suffer get in the way of making a positive case for why Lieberman should not be rewarded for his perfidity. I know a lot of others out there made the exact same mistake because the calls for revenge against Lieberman far outweighed any more reasoned arguments for accountability.

The blood-lust for Lieberman was deep and I defy anyone to deny it.

Lieberman may be an ass but he is a smart ass. He saw, in our desire to make him hurt, the path to redemption.


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