Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Operation Undermine Obama

I'm not sure I get the point of this video(*). Yeah, a lot of voters are seriously under-informed. I bet if you took 12 McCain voters and asked them similar "unbiased" questions you would get equally misinformed responses. The point is not that there is something wrong with Obama voters but that there is something wrong with the education system that allows so many people to be misinformed.

A co-worker brought this video to my attention, but his take from it was that "stupid" people should not be allowed to vote. I asked him how we would test for this. He didn't know. He was just outraged that "stupid" people should be allowed to vote.

(* - I kid. Of course I know the point. The point is to say that anyone who voted for Obama is an idiot therefore Obama is not a legitimate President and therefore anything done to undermine his Presidency is pro-American and patriotic.)

Update: Nate Silver has more.


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