Friday, November 14, 2008

The Casandra of Wall Street

This video is pretty extraordinary. I'd never heard of Peter Schiff before, but the guy was a true Casandra. Every single thing he said in these clips has come to pass. But what is even more telling is the statements and reactions of the people around him as he made his dire assessments. You can HEAR them just rolling their eyes, patting him on the head and then sniggering with each other about "Crazy Uncle Peter".

It is to Schiff's great credit that he didn't once let the reactions get to him. He didn't back down, he didn't get defensive. He just calmly stated his opinion and time has proven him right. Obama should seriously consider bringing this guy on board, if for no other reason then he is someone Obama could trust to call bullshit when he hears bullshit.


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