Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't give me shit and then tell me it's flowers

Steve Benen:
Roll Call added that a subcommittee punishment for Lieberman "may be seen as a stinging rebuke." A Senate Democratic aide said, "I don't know if it's enough for the net roots, but it's enough to say we stood up as Democrats" against Lieberman's actions.

Can we please cut the nonsense?
I agree. Back during the FISA debate, I was annoyed that Obama decided to vote for telecom immunity. But when he started making statements that were clearly designed to sell me the idea that he was doing something I should like, that was when I truly became pissed off.

When I am screwed I prefer to be screwed honestly.

As a bit of a premature post-mortem on this, I think part of the problem is the Democrats didn't go into the struggle to resolve the Lieberman question without a clear sense of what the fuss was about and what their response to it should be. This created the opportunity for Lieberman to obscure the real issue (that he can't be trusted) and instead turn it into a "unfair partisan punishment of those who disagree."

I won't like it if Lieberman is allowed to keep his gavel. But I can learn to live with and work around it. But when those who were to cowardly to stand up to Joe Lieberman try and tell me they did something courageous, well, that's just insulting my intelligence.


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