Friday, October 03, 2008

EVERYONE fucked up in this mess

Forgive me but I've just about had enough with all the bitching and finger pointing going on out there.

Everyone fucked up.

The home buyers fucked up for not being more sensible when it came to getting questionable mortgages. The brokers fucked up when they saw the dollars rolling in and threw caution to the wind when trying to persuade people to get those questionable mortgages. The investment bankers fucked up when they got clever trying to find new ways to turn crap into gold (at least long enough for them to make a killing). The media fucked up for giving into the excitement of the good times and only reporting how much money people were making and not pointing out the $700 billion elephant in the living room. The politicians fucked up for arguing for (or just going along with arguments) that an unregulated free market was God and it would take care of weeding out the evil people so that all would be goodness and light. And the voters fucked up because they bought into all the happy talk and put these guys into power in the first place.

So when I hear voters complaining about having to pay for that $700 billion dollar elephant a part of me can't help but think: Fuck you! You voted for these assholes! What did you expect? Now just sit back and take your medicine and quit your bitching!


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