Friday, October 03, 2008

I just wanna fly!

Some people are suspicious of Obama because they think he is politically pragmatic and therefore not the fighter they want him to be.

I am certain that Obama is politically pragmatic and that is why I support the guy. Yes, I know that means he will sometimes vote in ways that I don't like (FISA, etc.) But I don't assume that the guy is a traitor to some ideal just because he doesn't do what I want on certain issues.

I'm tired of ideologues and dreamers. I want people in there who can try to get things done within the limitations of what is realistic. I don't want people who rant about those limitations as if doing so will somehow magically make them go away. You want to get rid of the limitations? Then work to get rid of them.

Complaining that people can only get certain things done because of certain limitations is like complaing about blaming gravity because you can't fly.


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