Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rightwing critique of Obama: he isn't nasty so he shouldn't win

I don't normally follow right-wing blogs, but this lipstick shit has got me scanning some of the dark side and I found this posting over on Riehl World View particularly interesting:
From Joe Klein to Andy Sullivan they are cursing the world and most especially John McCain for his evil, Rovian deeds. Pardon me if I'm unmoved by their deep pain, given that if Obama were making the correct moves to win right now, they'd be suffering no real shame. They'd simply rationalize it as, well, you know, it's what he has to do to beat the Bush / Rove / now McCain machine.
So let me see if I understand this. Riehl isn't denying that McCain and Palin aren't lying. He isn't denying that McCain/Palin aren't feigning outrage over the "lipstick on a pig comment". He isn't denying that McCain/Palin aren't trying to paint Obama as a pervert for wanting to teach toddlers about sex.

No, what he is saying is that this is what you have to do to win the Presidency and if Obama isn't up to doing so then he doesn't deserve to win.

In Riehl's World View lying, smearing, and sleeze, as long as they are used to win power for someone he agrees with, are perfectly acceptable.

Well, I suppose that is a refreshingly honest point of view. Even if it is evil.


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