Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oooh, Shiny!

Notice something missing here:
However, in the view of MSNBC's Chuck Todd, the McCain ad is an effective ploy. "I think the McCain campaign is laughing their butts off this morning that any of us have taken the bait on this lipstick thing," he told Joe Scarborough. "I mean, this is a joke. ... It's such a faux controversy. It's made up out of whole cloth."

"They're good at winning the news cycles," Todd acknowledged. "And they have beaten the Obama campaign on this little -- what I call sort of shiny metal objects days."
Hint: Todd is part of the media that "takes the bait" and goes after the "shiny metal objects".

I'd love to see a CAT scan of a political journalists brain. I'd like to know how someone's brain is structured so that it will allow them to criticize what they are doing while still justifying their continued actions.

Obama was right to characterize stories like this as "catnip for the media".


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