Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lipstick Idiocy

You know, I try to believe that there is something worth saving in this country. That we are not hopelessly stuck on a downward spiral into irrelevancy. That our politics can still be about something important.

And then I see things like this and I just want to call up the cynics and congratulate them on their foresight.

No More Mister Nice Blog has the best response: turn it into a joke (correction: highlight the fact that it is a joke.)

Unfortunately, it doesn't matter if most everyone eventually sees this as a joke. McCain will still benefit because (1) people won't be talking about the big issues, on which he loses, and (2) many will blame Obama equally because of the natural "pox on both their houses" reaction to idiocy. It's a win-win for McCain.

Semiotics and Deconstructionism (nearly) destroyed literary criticism. It looks like it is well on the way to doing the same for politics.


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