Monday, September 08, 2008

Your missing the point Marc


It's not that the press hasn't called out the McCain/Palin campaign on its use of "she opposed the Bridge To Nowhere" lie. The point is that the media hasn't pushed the idea, like it did with Gore in 2000, that these repeated, blatant lies suggest a deeper narative about the McCain campaign: that they don't care if people know they are lying because they believe that people won't care about the lying.

And you go ahead and prove that in your own comments on this issue:
And, of course, though the press has pointed out the Bridge to Nowhere exagerration ever since it was uncovered, it must somehow be the press's fault that John McCain is enjoying a post-convention something-or-other because Americans don't realize that he's a lying liar, or whatever.
Gee, and who is supposed to inform the public on the idea that maybe, just maybe, the McCain campaign is lying and doing so repeatedly? Who is supposed to make the point that they are doing so in a blatantly disrespectful way that relies on the traditional media to just report the facts but not glean any deeper meaning to those facts?

I think you would agree that it is awful when voters don't make politicians suffer for blatant lies. I think you would agree that it is bad that they just seem to shrug it off.

But how do you respond to this awfulness?

By shrugging it off.

(Matthew makes the same point, only better stated.)


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